Issue 25 - July 2020
Issue 25 - July 2020

Issue 25 - July 2020

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Proud to be releasing and celebrating our 5 year anniversary in print!!!!!!   We have some changes starting this issue and it all goes around the phrase "Bigger is Better".   Well we have changed the binding on the magazine to a glued binding instead of staples.  This is letting us expand to more pages and we did so by 40%!!!!!  We went from 64 pages to 92 pages!!!!! So price is slightly higher but we are Bigger and Better with more content than ever!


Kicking off this content is a gang of features! 12 features total in this issue!

Tony & Carlos Galnares are taking over the cover with Big & Lil Sis.  The 1st of their kind to be laid on the pavement by the one and only Phat Phabz.  Holding down the back cover is Jon Moore with his true garage build with his Samauri "Notorious".  Filling the rest of the pack include Jason McCrackin with his Toyota "Baby Blue, Jeremy Godwin's Frontier "Orange Truck", Todd Faulkner's full size "Tigger", Jacob Rodriguez's Sema built S10 "2nd Chance", Jason Spriggs convertible Toyota "One Off", Scott Refice's Toyota "Shitaco", Adam Tarbox's Colorado "Family Hauler", Glenn Moss's old school Honda "C N Starz", and lastly for our Nip Tuk feature we have Scot Sredicki and his 4-runner "Florunna."


For show coverage we are filling the pages from the shows Relaxin On The Ranch, Orange Beach Invasion, Truck Masters Finale, Mini Truck Showdown and East Coast Cruise.  


Behind the scenes you will see Jason ODB Ballard sit down with the amazing artist, Kat Ruiz aka Kat Fink.  Also we get up close with Brandon McCoy aka Gooch and get some insight behind the mastermind laying some of the best paint jobs out there.  


Thanks to all of our sponsors.  Please make sure to follow and support those that support us!!!!  Asphalt Army, Hammerd Weekend Wear, K.I.K, Drop Em Wear, Our Lifestyle Podcast, Custom Carshow Productions, Orange Beach Invasion, Bayou Showdown, Sparks in the Park, Severed in the Midwest, Battle in Bama, and The Sparks Show!!!