Issue 23 - March 2020
Issue 23 - March 2020

Issue 23 - March 2020

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Due to extenuating circumstances, we have decided to place another order for this issue.  From now until 4/8/20 @0900EST you can place an order.  After that, there will be no more ordered!

This one is packed full and for the first time ever we have a truck from Japan on the cover!  I don't think anyone can deny the beauty known as Pink Panther from Japan.  This Toyota is hands down one of the baddest trucks out to date!

The features don't stop there.  We have Anthony Cobb showing off his one of a kind Chevy LUV gracing the back cover.  This truck has details for days and is a true show stopper.  Along for the ride is Eric Mosley with his S10, ICE COLD.  For our OG Mini Truckin section, we have a true OG by having Mik McCarty and his tandem Nissan.  As well we have Chris Johnson with his truck, GRAPE APE that has some old school influence. We also have Zachary Quatrevignt with his stellar ranger.  In this we also stumbled upon some Mini Truckin history when having access to Zachary's garage.  This NIP TUK section is not to be missed! 

We are also excited for the Kambered Korner section as TJ get's his hands on the newest manifold to hit the market.  We have an exclusive sneak peek to see the work from Chad Criss Designs and his 8 XL manifold. Thor Bro's tested and All Time Low Magazine approved.  This is one manifold that you will want to get your hands on. 

As always we are never short on show coverage.  In here we have The Grand Finale, SEMA, Mini Truckin Hall Of Fame, FLO Open House, Severed in the Southwest, Turkey Drag, Layin at the Lake and A Day To Remember.  We also get the inside scoop while ODB with Our Lifestyle Podcast sits down with Greg Miller with Custom Car Show Productions.  

Thank you and support all of our sponsors from Scrapin The Coast, Hammerd Weekend Wear, Asphalt Army, Made of Steel, Relaxin In The Park, Our Lifestyle Podcast and Kambered Korner. Support those that support us!!!