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Preorders are now open for Issue 27!!!   Shipping starts in 2 weeks.


In Issue 27 we wanted to take a step back and do a year in review with our "best of's" for 2020.  It was a crazy year but still a lot of good.  We had plenty of features and shows to catch up on so this one is packed full!  With the year in review we couldn't help but use the iconic shot from Battle in Bama this year as a remake for the old MiniTruckin cover.  This was truly a historic moment and will now be forever kept as our first wrap around cover!  That's right this continues from the front to the back !

36 pages of Show Coverage includes:

Battle In Bama

Drop Em Wear Show

Show Me Shake Up

The Sparks Show

Down 4 Dennis

Sparks in the Park


Severed in the Midwest

Sparks in the Ozarks 


For features in this one we wanted to put the mini's aside and let the full sizes come to play.  10 Full Size features take over the pages inside and include

Bill Guld's GMC "Blue Angel"

Brandon Burrell's Ram "cRAMbury"

Code Leach's Escalade "The Caddy"

Craig Rowley's Astro Van "HellRazor"

Danny Terneus's Silverado "PURPose Driven"

Elsayet Garcia's Silverado "El Viejo"

Jason Froelich's GMC "Evil Ways"

Graham Hancock's Titan Dually "LoTi10"

Keith Hathaway's Silverado "Green and SILVERado"

Michelle Watt's K5 Blazer "Pinky Promise"

All in all there is almost 100 pages of premium quality content inside!  Grab your's before they're gone!


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